Adobe Photoshop, Web Design, Wordpress, UI/UX Design
This website is done using WordPress CMS, with quite a lot theme customizing using the child theme to get the desired UX. Special graphic and web elements were designed using Adobe Photoshop, HTML & CSS in order to fulfill the customer requirements. The goal was to create a website that will reflect the nature of the dance competition, which won’t be monotonous. All the information is made easily accessible, together with all the media (photos and videos) from all the years of the STAGE IDC.

International Dance Competition STAGE is an organization and one of the most prestigious cultural events, with a main focus to provide opportunities for students to compete on stage.

STAGE IDC aims to bring in dancers for them to gain opportunities to meet and network with the best dance stage, dance friends, and dance professionals as well as receive awards and scholarships from world-renowned ballet schools, competitions, and festivals.

The event is more than just a competition, because they strive for a nurturing and encouraging experience that dancers will take with them forever. IDC STAGE promotes a friendly and supportive environment for all competitors.

They want to motivate and encourage interaction between dancers, teachers, and dance schools from different countries, and give potential future stars their chance to shine. Besides the competition itself, the program allows sharing and comparing the knowledge, experience, and talents of the participants and their teachers.

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