Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Flyer Design

The accent when designing this flyer for the Bionature Carbo Active capsules was put on the green and black (charcoal) colors following the nature of the product. The icons on the front side visually explain what it is used for, and detailed explanation is available on the back side of the flyer. This is a good case example of how we can use artboards in Illustrator or Photoshop to fit both front and back designs of the flyer in one document (file).

Activated charcoal has a number of beneficial effects and is often used in the following cases:

For stomach upsets and diarrhea

It can be used in cases of diarrhea by binding the present toxins, viruses and bacteria, preventing their spread and helping in their faster elimination. Applied for a certain period of time in consultation with a doctor, it is completely safe, so it is recommended for use in children as well.

Against gas and flatulence

One of the main useful features of activated charcoal is the removal of the unpleasant consequences of gas and flatulence. It works in such a way that the charcoal binds the toxic by-products of the food, which helps in acute conditions of food poisoning.

Detoxification of the body

External factors, pollution, various chemicals and pesticides introduced through food and water are burdens for our organism. This often leads to the occurrence of allergic reactions, oxidative stress of the body and disturbances in the immune system. Activated charcoal, due to its properties of binding and expelling toxins from the body, affects the improvement of the health of the digestive tract, and thus indirectly the overall psychophysical health.